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Final Extacy 2

2007-07-19 22:07:46 by We3dy

I'm just posting to inform you guys that Final Extacy 2 is still in progress and is still being worked on. As of now, I have about 3 scenes completed, and a buttload of ideas for the rest of the movie.

I am having a laze attack though but when I get enough sleep I should get back to working on it.


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2008-01-30 20:43:02

I look forward to this one!


2008-05-15 13:04:24

looking forward to it too. Just dont keep us hanging for too long.


2008-09-03 11:13:42

GAWD, when the fuck is it coming out?!


2009-03-26 19:06:06

Jesus fucking christ, it's been 4 fucking years now, I guess the first part stays as a cliffhanger...



2009-08-28 21:58:07

Bro are you gonna fucking make part 2 or what?


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