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Entry #2

More progress

2010-03-16 13:50:43 by We3dy

Sup guys! More progress has been made.

I have 5 scenes done now. No idea how many there will be in the final movie though.

So that makes what... 1 scene a year? lol

I'm still deciding weither I try to end the story asap, or put all the crap I wanted in there (which means that there will be a 3rd part, and I doubt you guys want that).

I dunno, I'll see how much stuff I can fit in there before deciding.


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2011-09-15 20:39:20

Hey We3dy. I was just here you that i was leaving Newgrounds forever. The site just isn't as good as it used to be, now it's filled with Furries and a bunch of unfunny stuff. I will still come back to check one day if Final Extacy part 2 is out, though. If you have a youtube OR a steam, then we could talk there. Goodbye.

(Updated ) We3dy responds:

I don`t think I`ll ever finish Final Extacy 2. I can send you what I`ve done so far if you want :P Give me your email and ill send it to you